About Lauren Caldwell


Hi! I’m Lauren. I enjoy discovering Kansas City one workout a time. While I belong to Blue Bike Fitness, I also like to explore my city and discover different neighborhoods and cultures while taking workout classes and pursuing a life of fitness.

After losing a little over 100 lbs in five years, I’ve become a huge fan of exercise. Like any human being who enjoys food and libations, it’s a constant struggle to keep the weight off. So I exercise to even things out.

Time is my currency and I spend it on experiences. I’m what you call a “busy body”. An extrovert. A woman-about-town. I once called myself a socialite but my boyfriend reminded me I have to have money to do that. I’m always going somewhere, having fun adventures and I rarely have an evening of quiet.



I write about entrepreneurship in the pursuit of growing entrepreneurial ecosystems one community at a time. This means I do a lot of ghost writing, content creation and social media. So forgive me if my writing is/isn’t AP Style. I can’t help it.

I also own my personal assistant business called KC Assistant where I help business owners and entrepreneurs with everything from client relations to accountability partnership. If you ever need a workout partner to push you, attend classes with you and hold you accountable you can hire me. 


I organize the Kansas City Dog Club, a social club for dogs and humans, with my boyfriend, Travis. We go on weekly walks, hikes, attend charity 5k’s and drink Sangria on the patio (that’s my idea).

Kansas City Dog Club, social club for dogs and humans
The Kansas City Dog Club, social club for dogs and humans.

I have a hairless, one-eyed Chinese Crested dog named Bowie and he is my furbaby in every sense of the made-up word.

Handsfree. Yep, that’s a baby sling.

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I also volunteer for Wayside Waifs Humane Society (where I adopted Bowie) and Spay & Neuter Kansas City.  I’m also a guest DJ and occasional street photographer for The Bridge 90.9, a local noncommercial radio station.