December Cairn Subscription Box Unboxing and Review


I just received my December Cairn subscription box!

Let’s unbox this baby and see what’s inside.

This is an unpaid review and unboxing of Cairn.

Cairn is a monthly or quarterly subscription box dedicated to the outdoors lifestyle and discovering new gear. In each Cairn box you receive 3-6 high quality, useful outdoorsy items. The products range from snacks to clothing to emergency kits and everything else in between.

 I receive Cairn monthly and pay $29.99 on a recurring monthly schedule. 

To be honest, this is one of my favorite monthly subscription boxes dedicated to the outdoors. While I’ve been trail running for nearly three years, I still feel like a n00b when it comes to outdoor gear and snacks. Cairn sends me high quality items that I usually use on my running adventures.

Watch me unbox my Cairn subscription box in the video below and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Warning: spoilers!


December’s Cairn subscription box is all about gathering around a campfire with your friends and enjoying the good times featuring the tools needed to start a campfire, grill, snack and store food. Here’s the breakdown of what I received:

Outdoor Element: Firebiner $14.95
This is the Swiss Army knife of carabiners. The Firebiner has a built-in firestarter, bottle opener, screwdriver and safety utility blade. Do I need all of these things while I run? Maybe! After a quick search, I found out that this was on Kickstarter. Cool. I think this is a neat product and will attach it to my hydration pack for long runs.

Light My Fire Grandpa’s Firegrill $22.99
Not every campfire comes with a grill (or a clean grill for that matter). The FireGrill can hold veggies, steak and everything else you can think of. All you need is a sturdy stick to hold the FireGrill over the fire. Cairn even suggests grilling a Honey Stinger waffle with chocolate and marshmallows with the FireGrill. I don’t know if I would use this product as I’m only around a campfire maybe once or twice a year, however this would be a fantastic gift for someone I know.

Honey Stinger Waffle $22.24 for a box of 16 or $1.39 for one
Oh my gosh! Have you ever eaten a Honey Stinger Waffle? I hoard these and hold them dear like treasure. These waffles are like sweet, crumbly cookies. I use them as a treat for getting halfway through a long run. I am promptly storing this Honey Stinger Waffle with the rest of my running snacks.

Loksak Opsak 2-Pak $10.99
These bags are insane. Apparently they are odor-proof, which at first I don’t really care much about, however after watching a short video on the Loksak website I am impressed. You can store food in the bag to make sure bears don’t crash your camping party, keep your phone from getting wet and you can even put your body waste like dirty diapers in the bag to stop the stink. Pretty neat. I will use the Opsak to keep my phone dry when running in the rain.

Altogether the December Cairn box is worth $50.32 and I only paid $29.99! As always, Cairn came through with high quality items that I wouldn’t normally find in a regular retail store or own already. Personally, I don’t spend a lot of time around a campfire. I think I may regift some of items to a friend.

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