Dollar Shave Club Daily Essentials Starter Kit Unboxing and Review


Is the Dollar Shave Club only for men? I purchased the Daily Essentials Starter Kit to see if the products are high quality and just how close of a shave I can get.

The Dollar Shave Club is a monthly shave and skincare subscription service marketed for men. Depending on the type of razor you choose, monthly subscriptions cost $3, $6 or $9. Customers can skip a month any time or add extra products at a cost.

Watch my unboxing below. Keep reading for a more detailed review of the products and find out whether I’m going to continue to subscribe to Dollar Shave Club.

I purchased the Daily Essentials Starter Kit for $5 which includes a shave butter, body wash, butt wipes, and the Executive razor with a 4-pack blade set.

Right away I noticed the packaging and marketing materials for Dollar Shave Club are very boy’s club. From using wording like “Chairman” to the wood grain cardboard box, these razors are for manly men. I don’t identify myself as a strong feminist however I am weary of advertisements that overly appeal to gender stereotypes.

The kit comes with a little bathroom reader magazine covering topics from white elephant gift ideas to how to stay out of trouble with HR during the holidays. I had to laugh at that last one because it’s a question and answer article where the first question was what to do if you hook up with your coworker. How topical! There was a lot of eye rolling on my part while glancing through the magazine.

I know there’s the stereotype that men take a long time to use the bathroom but I honestly don’t know anyone who sits on the toilet long enough to read or do a wordsearch puzzle. Travis and I are both efficient poopers. We get in and get out. 💩

I grabbed my new shaving goodies and tested them out. Normally I shave with cheap razors and shaving gel. I don’t spend a lot of time shaving as it’s not a big priority in my life (I’ve got more important things on my mind). I haven’t had hardly any problems with accidentally cutting myself in the past and cannot remember the last time I nicked myself.

Review time! Let’s go over the products in the order I used them:

Charlies One Wipe Charlies 3 single use wipes | 40 ct. $4
I get livid about “flushable” wipes because any plumber will tell you this does not exist. Go ahead and flush your wipes. Your septic system will back up and you’ll pay hundreds of dollars to get it fixed, not to mention the stinky clean up afterwards. Also, you’re an adult, you know how to wipe your ass now that you’re no longer a baby.

Despite the directions telling me to wipe my ass with them, I used one of the One Wipe Charlies to remove my makeup. It did a good job removing most of the makeup and had a pleasant peppermint scent. It’s comparable to other makeup remover wipes I’ve tried. It left my face clean, soft and minty smelling. I’m going to keep these wipes in my run box in my car for days when I need to do a quick clean up.

But seriously, don’t flush these in the toilet. I’m giving the One Wipe Charlies two thumbs down for destroying sewage systems. Still not convinced? Here’s a collection of articles specifically about Dollar Shave Club and their epic fail butt wipes for men:

Be a pal and don’t flush wipes down the toilet, K?

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Wanderer Calming Body Cleanser 1 oz. | 12 fl.oz.  $9.50
I think the Wanderer Amber and Lavender Calming Body Cleanser is my favorite product in the Dollar Shave Club Trial Kit. I used a dollop with an exfoliating scrub. I thought it would smell manly but was more of a pleasant lavender hippie smell. It had a rather genderless scent, not floral and not musky. It lathered very quickly. I did a smell test with Travis and he said I smell clean. Thumbs up!

Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter 1 oz. | 6 oz. for $8
I’ve never used shave butter before so this was a nice treat. The consistency is comparable to a thick lotion or body butter except it stuck to my wet legs. I rubbed it all over my legs. It doesn’t lather or foam like other shaving gels and creams.

I thought it would be hard to see if I missed a spot since it’s transparent but as an adult who has been shaving her legs for 15 years I realized I know my legs quite well. I just ran my hand over my legs to feel if I missed any spots on my legs. Of course, I forgot to shave my knee caps. I think it’s because I’m always worried about nicking my skin.

The Executive razor with 4 blade cartridges | handle $6, 4 cartridges $8
After years of using expensive women’s razors to the generic hot pink razors in the bag, I’ve truly given up on caring about a close shave. I am blessed with light blonde leg hairs that are hardly noticeable unless they’re shining in the sun. I did a quick search for the current cost of razors at and found that comparable razors can cost anywhere from $7 to $15, depending on gender of target market (lower for men, higher for women). Blade cartridges can cost anywhere from $10 to $24 depending on if the blades are marketed to men or women.

The Dollar Shave Club offers three types of blades: The Humble Twin (two blades), The 4X (four blades) and The Executive (six blades). I chose to test out The Executive thinking this would be a major upgrade from my cheapo four blade razor from Big Lots.

After exfoliating and rubbing my legs down with the shave butter I got to work shaving my legs. The Executive gave me a close, smooth shave. However I noticed as I rinsed my legs that I had sliced myself behind my knee. It was quite the surprise since I hardly ever cut myself while shaving. Upon further inspection, it looks like several rows of the blades cut into my skin. I guess I pressed down too hard? I haven’t had a cut this bad in years. It took ten minutes to stop bleeding. Yikes.

I spoke with a friend and a stranger about their experience with The Executive and they both said the razor doesn’t do a good job shaving any sort or irregularity on the skin like a scar, ankle or behind the knee. And now my freshly-shaved armpits are itching.


I will not renew my subscription to Dollar Shave Club. I need a razor I can depend on. The combination of the ultra masculine marketing, stupid HR article and slice ‘em up razors aren’t for me.

Do you have a razor subscription box you recommend? I love trying out new products and snacks. Which subscription box should I try next?

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