9Round Fitness Free 30 Minute Kickbox Review


This is an unpaid review of the 9Round Fitness in Kansas City, Missouri.

9Round Fitness is a full-body kickbox workout that comes with a personal trainer and nutritional guidance. There’s over 650 centers worldwide (wtf? that’s a lot). A workout circuit starts every three minutes. Workouts are divided into nine rounds: strength, kickbox, core and abs. The first class is free and a membership includes unlimited workouts. Their website says 9Round was “developed by a World Champion Kickboxer” but doesn’t say who that champion is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  You are required to wear gloves and hand wraps which they lend to you for your introductory workout.

I decided the night before that I wanted to take a new class in the morning. I seriously almost purchased a drop-in class at OrangeTheory Fitness but then remembered there are tons of free workout classes in Kansas City that I haven’t experienced yet (and my wallet rejoices).

9Round Fitness Free 30 Minute Kickboxing Class
Travis: “I like it when you take after workout photos.” Me: “This was before…”



I wish I could provide a full review for a workout at 9Round Fitness but that’s not happening.  This was a short introduction to the basics of kickboxing. Their website advertises a free workout but maybe there’s a disconnect between corporate and franchisees because I had to go back to my gym afterwards to get my workout in. A personal trainer walked me through all nine rounds and I thought for sure I’d be able to do the full 30 minute workout afterwards but that was a no-go.

Similar to OrangeTheory Fitness, your heart rate stats are displayed on a big screen however there isn’t much of an emphasis on getting your heart rate up though you are required to purchase their heart rate monitor.  When I asked about the “expert nutritional support” the trainer said they they include tips and advice in their newsletter. I feel like that’s standard with all fitness organizations, but that’s cool.

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The best part of my free introduction was meeting Kaycee. I can tell she is passionate about fitness and she genuinely wants everyone to succeed. She’s a little beacon of light in that dark gym. Kaycee, can we skip the gym and just hang out? K. Cool, thanks.


This place is two songs away from playing Eminem’s Lose Yourself, the ultimate workout song on every dude’s playlist. Between the faux brick paneling, dim lighting and framed boxer portraits, this place was oozing man cave. If you like the feel of  basement home gym you’ll love 9Round Fitness.  No, but really, I’m serious.

9Round Fitness Free 30 Minute Kickboxing Class
I actually altered the exposure on this picture so you can see it better.


Without taking a full 30 minute workout at 9Round Fitness I can’t say either way if I recommend it or not. I like that the standard membership includes unlimited rounds and none of this 10 class pass malarkey. However I don’t like that heart rate monitors are required and that their website advertises nutritional guidance when Kaycee told me it’s just advice in a newsletter.

Hey, 9Round Fitness, hook a girl up with the real thing. Then we’ll talk again.

Edit: 9Round Fitness contacted me asking me to return to give them a second chance. I met with the owner and she let me participate in the workouts. She didn’t shed any further light on the nutritional guidance, however she encouraged members to work harder based on their heart rates. If you like boxing and a fast paced workout, 9Round Fitness is perfect for you.

What’s your favorite kickboxing gym? Ever tried 9Round Fitness?