barre3 Kansas City Community Free Class Review


This is an unpaid review of the barre3 Community Free class in Kansas City, Missouri

barre3 is barre studio chain with over 120 locations worldwide. Barre is a fusion of ballet, yoga and Pilates that focuses on low impact moves. Barre3 is no exception to this. The 3 stands for the three layers of every workout: isometric hold, move small and dynamic movements. Every move is layered and can be completely modified so practically anyone of any fitness level can take barre3 (yes, it’s a lowercase b).

The barre3 studio is currently being constructed so for a limited time, all barre3 Community Free classes are free and are popping up all over the Kansas City metro. The grand opening for barre3 is expected in April. This particular Community Free class that I’m reviewing was held at the Second Presbyterian Church in Brookside.



This class sticks to your typical barre format – thighs, buns, core. But holy smokes, my muscles got the shakes fairly quickly. The moment you think you’re going to get a break another layer gets added on. My thighs and calves burned nearly the whole time we worked on legs. We worked on our own yoga mats and had the option to hold onto a chair for balance. I actually used the chair for moves that involved pressure on my knees since they were pretty tender from a previous workout. Usually barre3 workouts involve weights however we didn’t use any since we were in a temporary location.


Don’t let Caroline’s sweet appearance and demeanor fool you for a second. She’s a beast. Be prepared for hands-on adjustments and plenty of praise. Barre3 does not believe in a “one size fits all” philosophy when it comes to exercise and Caroline passionately encourages modifying moves every step of the way. She gives lots of individual feedback and makes sure the class knows how good you’re doing (even when you make an ugly face because it hurts so good).

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Because the barre3 studio is not open yet this class was held in their temporary location. I will create a new review once the studio is open in April.


I’m going to lose my mind when they open up their facility and start charging for classes. I’m one of barre3’s biggest ambassadors in Kansas City. I absolutely recommend everyone take a barre3 class no matter what fitness level you are. If you are interested in bettering your health and becoming stronger and leaner get your body to barre3 right now.

Have you tried Barre3 yet? Thoughts?