barre3 + Lululemon Workout Class Review


This is an unpaid review of barre3 + Lululemon class in Kansas City, Missouri. This is a guest post written by Christine Hofmeister, my friend and graduate student of  the Experimental Health Psychology PhD program at the University of Missouri–Kansas City. Christine, her husband Sean and her two furbabies belong to the Kansas City Dog Club.

I am officially obsessed with barre3. Because the barre3 studio in Brookside is still under construction, they are offering free classes multiple times a week all across the community. Because we fell in love with barre3, Lauren and I have been going to as many classes as we can. And by the end of this post, you’ll know why.

This post will focus on the Saturday morning class at Lululemon on the Plaza. Let’s dive in.

barre3 + Lululemon Free Workout Class Review
Christine rocking that barre3 post workout glow.



Barre3 combines elements of Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet to form a 60 minute workout that has your heart pumping within the first 5 minutes. All you need to worry about is bringing a yoga mat and water.

The class starts with guided deep breathing and stretches before transitioning into body and core work.  You’re challenged to find your edge during isometric holds and then breathe a sigh of relief when you “move big” and flush out those muscles. As is always true when I do a barre3 class, I feel accomplished and energized at the end of each class. Not gonna lie, my legs feel like jello, but I’m so proud of that.

barre3 + Lululemon Free Workout Class Review


Caroline, the owner barre3 in Kansas City, is one of the sweetest people I’ve met. Her friendliness and genuine passion for what she does shines through in every class. I believe that instructors make or break a workout class, and Caroline makes me feel welcome and appreciated. She asks at the beginning of every class if anyone has any injuries or special accommodations she should be aware of. This shows a level of caring that you don’t always get with fitness instructors. She encourages diversity and is quick to encourage students who are making the workout “their own” by using modifications. This really sets the tone and creates good vibes during every barre3 workout.  

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This particular class I attended was at Lululemon on the Plaza. I absolutely love this space and how open and bright it is. Lululemon moved all of their displays and clothing racks into a back room so that the entire floor is open for us to spread our mats and workout. Even though there were a lot of people at this class, it didn’t feel too crowded because the store is so expansive. I will definitely be returning to the next class at this location.

barre3 + Lululemon Free Workout Class Review
Lululemon storefront on the Country Club Plaza


Barre3 offers a unique, fun and challenging workout that leaves you feeling strong and on top of the world. It’s the perfect way to start my day. Kicking oiff your day with an energizing workout kicks the whole day off in a great way. I am a huge fan of barre3 and will definitely be attending this class again. Come join me!

Register for the February 4 barre3 + Lululemon class workout today. This is the last one at this location.

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