CorePower Yoga Burpees and Bloody Mary’s! Pop-Up Yoga Sculpt Class Review


This is an unpaid review of Burpees and Bloody Mary’s, a pop-up yoga sculpt class by CorePower Yoga in Kansas City, Missouri.

A free pop-up workout class called Burpees and Bloody Mary’s and it’s being held at Lifted Spirits Distillery? Heck yes. I just completed a barre3 class an hour before and thought a yoga class would be a nice pairing with my hardcore barre class. I was wrong. So wrong.

I’ve never sweat so much in an unheated yoga class before. Nearly 30 people were in attendance with the promise of burpees and $5 Bloody Mary’s and mimosas in the Lifted Spirits Distillery event space in the Crossroads.  The event itself was free and posted to Facebook.



The class started off with a long child’s pose and thinking about our intention, how we want to feel at the end of the class and knowing that with intention we can “make the world a better place.” I was internally rolling my eyes. I haven’t taken a yoga class in a while and starting off with a deep stretch move like child’s pose reminded me why I stopped going to yoga: it’s boring. I’m all about getting my heart rate up and drenching my clothes in sweat.

I rolled my eyes too soon. Before I knew it we were doing a series of poses flowing very quickly into the next pose. All of a sudden we were doing jumping jacks, sumo squats and burpees. Beyonce was pumping and we were jump squatting to the beat. During a plank I looked down and there were drops of sweat covering my yoga mat. I absolutely LOVED this class. It kicked my ass.

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YAS, QUEEN. Cara McDonald commanded that room. Her no-fuss, straight-to-the-point,  confident attitude immediately let me know Cara expected us to give 100 percent and nothing less. I loved it. Cara is a BOSS.


The second floor of Lifted Spirits Distillery is perfect for a large yoga class or a wedding reception. With wall to wall windows we had an amazing view of the Kansas City skyline. Afterwards we hung out at the bar for Bloody Mary’s and mimosas. There was plenty of space for everyone. I’m interested to see what the CorePower Yoga studios look like.

CorePower Yoga at Lifted Spirits Distillery
Burpees and Bloody Mary’s! at Lifted Spirits Distillery



I need to set aside an entire week to take advantage of CorePower Yoga’s free week promotion so I can take Cara’s Yoga Sculpt class again. I loved that we were listening to Diplo and that Calabria song by Enur instead of a zen snoozefest (don’t get me wrong, I love falling asleep to yoga music). The collaboration with Lifted Spirits Distillery was perfect. I’m interested to see what their studios look like. CorePower Yoga has plenty of locations across the Kansas City metro and classes all day so all I have to do is show up. Let’s do this.

Did I convert you and now you’re rushing to the next CorePower Yoga class? Get it.



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  1. Oh my gosh I’m so humbled! Thank you for sharing your experience. And calling me “Queen” basically made my life. It was the energy of the group that made that class spectacular. You guys killed it!