Kirmayer Fitness Center Body Pump 100 Launch Class Review


This is an unpaid review of Body Pump 100 Launch class at Kirmayer Fitness Center at Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas.

Confession time. I’ve never taken a Body Pump class before. I’ve seen the class in action and was always intimidated by the barbells and weights.

In case you didn’t know, Body Pump is a group workout class licensed by Les Mills. Started in 1968 (same year as Jazzercise), Les Mills has been creating licensed workout routines that are distributed in more than 17,500 gyms taught by over 130,000 instructors worldwide. That’s a lot of body pumpin’.

Body Pump also happens to be my friend Laci’s favorite workout ever. When I saw the free class Body Pump 100 Launch event at Kirmayer Fitness Center at KU Medical Center, I gathered my sweat squad and headed to Kansas.



We arrived at the workout exactly at start time. This is because parking is a cluster. More on that later.  We were greeted at the studio door by an instructor who immediately got to work grabbing equipment for us and setting up our stations. The workout was fun. We did repetitions of deadlifts, squats, and a bunch of other moves that I don’t know the proper terms for.

Because this was a celebration of the 100th routine released by Les Mills, there were three instructors that taught. One of the instructors seemed new to teaching so his timing was off but I still got a great workout. I know this because my shoulder blades were sore for days. I felt like a bad ass pumping iron at the gym.

Body Pump 100 Launch at Kirmayer Fitness Center at KU Medical Center
Good form, Laci! Photo courtesy of Kirmayer Fitness Center.


The instructors were great. I didn’t get their names however all three of them were easy to follow with the exception of the newbie. Everyone was very encouraging, friendly and even made little jokes throughout the workout. I like that.

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The studio is located on the second floor of the Kirmayer Fitness Center. There was plenty of space for everyone in the class which consisted of around 25 or so people with sufficient equipment for everyone. The entire gym is expansive and a little dated looking with basketball courts, an indoor running track, lap pool and cardio and strength training equipment.

Pro tip: There’s a lot of doctors that work out at the gym, so if you’re single and ready to mingle, get sweating at Kirmayer Fitness Center.

Body Pump 100 Launch at Kirmayer Fitness Center at KU Medical Center
Welcome to the gun show! Photo courtesy of Kirmayer Fitness Center.


No sugar coating this one. Despite how awesome Body Pump is, Kirmayer Fitness Center’s parking situation tapped into one of my biggest gripes about gyms and I will not be returning. I spent 10 minutes trying to find a parking spot because everything is permit only. I finally parked in a parking garage where the receptionist at the gym told me was free after 5 p.m. This is wrong information and I ended up having to fork over money.  The garage attendant was argumentative and the mixed message is ultra frustrating.

Until KU Medical Center makes it easier for the public to get to their facility I will be working out elsewhere.  I’m sure I sound like an old lady but there’s too many workout classes across the Kansas City metro to make me have to go through that mess again.

What causes you to never return to a gym? Parking? Bad instructor? Old equipment? Leave it in the comments!


One Reply to “Kirmayer Fitness Center Body Pump 100 Launch Class Review”

  1. Oh man… That IS frustrating! The same thing happened to me a few years ago at the Kansas City Library downtown. The library people said the garage was free after 6pm, I came out at 8pm, and had to pay a hefty parking fee. Businesses/facilities really need to stay up to date on the parking regulations and fees of garages used by their customers.

    Looks like a great class, otherwise.