Onelife Fitness KC Swolemate Bootcamp Review


This is an unpaid review of Swolemate Bootcamp at Onelife Fitness KC in Kansas City, Missouri.

You know those fancy gyms in the movies where everyone working out looks good, all of the equipment is cutting-edge and the hot instructors are passionately shouting out moves while the class responds with enthusiasm? Yeah, I found one in real life. It’s called Onelife Fitness KC.

Onelife Fitness has 25 locations altogether between Virginia, Georgia, Maryland and now Missouri. Their name comes from their motto: You have One Life so make the most of it. It’s a pretty simple concept that I can get down with.

At least once a month, Onelife Fitness will host a free workout class open to the community. My friend Laci sent me an invite for Swolemate Bootcamp, a partner-based bootcamp class the Saturday before Valentine’s Day.



I had a blast with this workout. The moves were all partner oriented so there were plenty of giggles, at  least between Laci and myself.

Laci and I went through a series of partner-based workouts, one of which I had just seen on Khloe Kardashian’s Snapchat (I’m basic, sue me).  We had to recreate the most awkward one for our scrapbooks. See below.

OneLife Fitness Swolemate Bootcamp Workout Class


The instructor calls herself RC. It’s not her real name and it stands for Really Crazy. I’m not making this up. RC has two rules.

  1. Have fun.
  2. Don’t stop.

RC has energy that’s off the charts. Most importantly, you can tell her enthusiasm is genuine. In the middle of her cheesy jokes and puns, she encouraged everyone to push hard.

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This is by far the coolest, most high-tech gym I’ve been to. Now I know that’s not saying a lot however every piece of equipment is top-of-the-line and new to the market. It makes me feel fancy. Also, they have every piece of equipment ever.


Get your hot cross buns to Onelife Fitness. They have a huge assortment of different classes all throughout the day to fit your schedule and it’s open 24 hours. You can try it out yourself with their 3 day pass or just watch their Facebook page for upcoming community events. If you’re going to a free event let me know and we’ll go together!

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