Rise and Shine Pilates and Wellness Pilates Mat Class Review


This is an unpaid review of Pilates Mat class at Rise and Shine Pilates & Wellness in Kansas City, Missouri.

Rise and Shine Pilates and Wellness was started by Wendy Basch, a registered nurse with 15 years of experience and a passion for helping others. Rise and Shine is more than just a Pilates studio. It is truly a full-service wellness center with services ranging from spin and reformer classes to nutrition and live cooking sessions.

Rise and Shine was one of the participating gyms in the 2017 Fitness Crawl hosted by The Pitch  and when I found out I won tickets I was pretty stoked. I grabbed my bestie, Christine, and we headed up north of the river to Rise and Shine Pilates and Wellness.

Rise and Shine Pilates Mat Class



I’m about to drop a strong declaration here. Anyone who exercises needs to take a beginner Pilates class from Wendy at Rise and Shine first. Because of her extensive nursing background she was able to explain exactly how to tighten your core (something I thought I was doing before) and engage your body for optimal posturing and breathing. She even brought out a spine to demonstrate what our bodies are doing and the science behind it.

We went through a series of basic Pilates postures on the mat and used a ball to deepen our moves. We did the positions slowly and deliberately and, holy Chihuahua, my muscles were quivering.


Wendy. Is. Amazing. End of story. She is a natural teacher and paid close attention to each student in her class, carefully adjusting postures and taking the time to explain each move and why we do certain workouts (it’s all about the core). She even spotted two students who could use a cushion to keep an upright posture while sitting. Wendy is one-of-a-kind in that she goes above and beyond for her clients. She even works with a program for cancer patients called Jill’s Hope. Wendy is a beacon of light and positivity in a sea of mediocrity.

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Rise and Shine utilizes every square inch for bettering the lives of their clients. From the kitchen where she holds nutritional classes to quiet rooms for one-on-one counseling and Reiki sessions. The space is warm and inviting with a wall of windows and a peaceful purple and teal color theme.

Rise and Shine Pilates Mat Class


Rise and Shine Pilates and Wellness is the real deal. I needed this intro to Pilates class to learn better form when I workout. I loved that I could ask questions in the middle of class and Wendy was happy to answer them. She truly puts her clients first. Get your body over to Rise and Shine Pilates and Wellness.  Your core will be happy you did.

Rise and Shine Pilates and Wellness Pilates Mat Class
Wendy is the happy lady in purple in the middle. I’m the jazzed redhead in neon pink with Christine sandwiched between us.

When are you going to Rise and Shine Pilates and Wellness? Go there today!


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