Studio7 Pilates + Barre Ultimate Pilates Review


This is an unpaid review of the Studio7 Pilates + Barre Ultimate Pilates class in Prairie Village, Kansas.

Studio7 Pilates + Barre Ultimate Pilates Review
Image from Studio7 Pilates + Barre.

There’s only one Studio7 Pilates + Barre in this world and it’s on the Missouri and Kansas state-line, in Prairie Village, Kansas.  Studio7 offers classes in Pilates, Barre, TRX, and Pilates Equipment along with private Pilates sessions on the Reformer machine. Classes are small with a max of 10 students. Studio7 gets its name from their 7 (SEVEN) principals: breath, balance, cardio, core, coordination, flexibility and posture. Whew!



As described on their website, the Ultimate Pilates class takes place all on a mat. The description also says that it takes Mat Pilates up a notch and I’ll burn more calories. We used weights and a ball for this workout. I think Barre3 set the bar too high for me (heh) with their muscle-shaking Pilates fusion moves. Halfway through the class I started figuring out in my head when I could fit in another workout for the day.


Kris Tucker was a fantastic instructor. I didn’t even realize she was the teacher as she was just chatting with everyone before class and casually introduced herself to me. She has a friendly, easy-going demeanor and remained that way throughout the class. She kinda looks like Susan Sarandon, too, so that’s cool.


The Studio7 studio is rather small but very clean and to the point. Even with a ten person limit on the studio floor, we were a little squished. All of the equipment is nicely organized against a wall and, even though I don’t have OCD, all of that organization and equipment compartmentalized was quite pleasant.

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Studio7 is cool and all but I probably won’t be coming back unless a friend invites me. It’s just not my style. Give me the shakes, stinks and sweats. It’s definitely high-end studio and I appreciate the small classes. I think you should definitely take advantage of Studio7’s free first class offer.

What kind of workout are you into? Chill and relaxed or sweating and gasping for air?